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March 2012, completed an upgrade of website into Joomla 2.5 with integration of the Spa-Booker event software for registering to event. Project included training of volunteers at the organization, custom designed template, logo design and ongoing support.

August 2011, designed and developed a Joomla website for a not-for-profit organization St Paws located in Colorado Springs - . Site has a slideshow with text and includes a simple blog. Some of the photos have been taken by photographer Tony Westbrook and the rest of the pictures are from Template has been extensively redesigned. Colors were based on creating harmony with the logo. Hyperlinks have been set to show a paw for the mouse icon. Transparency effect has been used to show the subtle reference to paw prints.

July 2011, finished an upgrade/migration to 1.5 and new template design for New Realities. The inner menu and content structure was changed and K2 component was used to display content, also a bunch of different news modules were used to display youtube thumbnails, audio, event and article thumbnails. Simple no-drop menu, extensive module display for all categories with use of submenus. Graphics, videos and audios supplied by New Realities.

April 2011, designed and developed a Joomla site for a Yoga and Healing Center in Mexico run by Karen Taylor - Site is based on a standard Joomla template, which has been extensively redesigned. Includes a blog based on K2 software and a quote component that rotates through a long list of quotes every time the page is refreshed. Pictures are taken by Karen Taylor and used extensively on the whole site, especially in slideshow function in header.

May 2011, designed and created the one page site in simple html and css, using graphics from an old scanned flyer. Had to recreate the white sun rays in Photoshop, as to create the subtle transparency effect.

March 2011, designed and developed using the Weebly CMS, which I recommend if you are adventurous enough to want to venture into creating your own website and you only need a simple setup.

Beginning of 2011 went live with site - designed and developed site for Will Wong. Includes a slideshow and a submenu system. Template has been altered. Pictures were bought from

November 2010, designed and developed site for Mike, integrating an email blast extension (email subscription with simple newsletter design), google map used for location and hours, created an extensive slideshow with text, and product pages including articles about various health issues and remedies. Template has been altered. Pictures were bought from

Designed and developed site for Jessica Patterson, integrating a email blast extension, created various forms, slideshow with text, and event articles showing as thumb nails. Site is still being worked on, but went live in September 2010. Template has been extensively altered. Idea is to change the tree background from time to time.

Finished this project August 2010. Substantially modified a template from Joomla Bamboo, collaborated with another graphic designer on colors and graphic style. This is a bigger project in terms of implementing a massive amount of content, including articles, videos, slideshows and a blog system.
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